Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Art of Translation.

I am a translator not by any official definition, I do however have a love of both the English language (and so try not to murder it too often) as well as a love of art. The translations I have done are Press Releases for a local Gallery, Art Alma.

I think that Greek is an amazing language that I can only dream of mastering fully (sadly I lay no claims against my culpability in the slaughter of Greek!) However, I love its translation into English, especially where texts pertaining to artworks are concerned; it is like straightening boiled spaghetti with the intention of returning it to its packet. In Greek sentences can be infinite but in English the structure is more rigid. Greek has so many words which to my mind are rarely used in everyday life but I come across them and only wish I could remember them all! (Unfortunately my brain is already working on capacity overload.)

So if you want to peruse my translation portfolio, feel free! You can also learn more about some of the artists mentioned in the texts via the links below (it would not be proper to show their creative work here) and I recommend you do. Why not pay a visit to Alma Art Gallery in Trikala or at Art Athina 2014 which opens today!

Dimososthenis Kokkinidis (This link is a bit of a cheat - apologies to all until I find an official page.)
Theofilos Katsipanos
Angelos Antonopoulos
Michalis Manousakis
Tassos Missouras
Kalos & Klio
Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos
Nikos Moshos
Yannoulis Chalepas


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Feed back...

I've said before that I feel like I'm in a bubble sometimes. You know, that work-home-work motif that becomes ingrained. I escape into a fictional world, either by writing it down or day-dreaming (about what I'm going to write!) When you read my work you enter that world too. Now I know that world isn't so vast (although I have plans for expansion) but sign up in the visitor book - let me know if you enjoyed your trip.