Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cake and Eating It!

I've always believed that if you work hard, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of that labour, but these last two months have stretched me like I've breached an event horizon. I've had a zillion obligations to fulfil (no exaggeration - really!) and I haven't written much at all. I'm even wondering if I'll get much beyond this blog... No fear,
(T-shirt a Green Mile promo gift from Penguin Books, from my bookseller days.)
The end of the year, that is. I've achieved many of the things I was aiming for and failed in others, but that's okay! (Cue voice of self-hypnosis recording.) I know that I've spread myself too thin and I can't go any further.

Time for a break and am I looking forward to the New Year! Remember, you can pick up any or all of the anthologies I've participated in this year for stocking fillers and gifts! It'd make me so proud! (Yes, a writer does feel rather like a parent whose kid gets the lead role in the school play.)  So, a little retrospective for you (indulge me please).

I managed to achieve the Light Ray Award for 2015 over at Write 1 Sub 1! That means I've had a dozen stories published/accepted, admittedly half were flash fiction and unpaid, but I did it! Check out Once Bitten, Hides the Dark Tower and The Denizen's of Steam. The latter two are up for the Editors and Preditors Reader's Poll which you too can vote for, just follow the link! I am still thrilled to have made it into such notable anthologies on either side of the Atlantic; Once Bitten from the UK and Hides the Dark Tower from the US. 2015 also saw me trying my hand at editing with The Denizens of Steam anthology (this is a FREE download). Then there's a plethora of flash fiction pieces you can read up at 101 All topped off with two competition wins and a reprint, more of which you will see in 2016.

This year I had several firsts: Other than a joint editing role in Denizens of Steam, which was also the first self-published wiork I've taken part in (the team work didn't make it feel self-published at all!), I did an on-line book launch for Once Bitten which was graciously hosted by Steven Chapman and my first interview with Poseidon's Scribe, Steven R. Southard and guest blogged for the first time at Rie Sheridan Rose's blog.

So what does 2016 have in store? Let's get there and I'll show you! In the meantime, take a weight off, sit back and enjoy the read!