Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Shark Nose!

Those lovely people at Great Jones Street are featuring my short horror story 'Shark Nose' and boy have they made a great cover! Don't forget to download the app to your phone if you want to read for free! Click here for a link directly to it and my story.

"The story is heart-pumping and so vivid, you can feel the earth move when the bombs make impact with the ground." Great Jones Street

Friday, 20 January 2017

Balancing Act Cover!

2016 was a very sparse year for me as a writer. Let's hope 2017 is more promising and what a better way to begin the year than with a cover reveal?

Great Jones Street is promoting my steampunk short story 'Balancing Act' and they have created this beautiful cover for it.

 Jeremy Alsop has managed to dupe Clarisse and her family into believing he is rich and eligible. As an engagement present he invites Monsieur Du Monde, snake oil man, and the Equilibrator to work it's fickle magic upon his fiancee.

If you want to read 'Balancing Act', 'Synchronysi' or 'Shark Nose' all you have to do is download the free Great Jones Street app from Google Play or App Store and off you go!