Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Snips and Snails and Fairy Tales, That's What My Summer's Made Of!

So I'm back and the wedding's over. It was a glorious but small affair in the gorgeous Grand Hotel perched on the edge of the Jurassic Coast. I met family members I've never ad the chance to meet (they were born after I emigrated ) and was reunited with many more. I wasn't there for nearly long enough but times are tough and purses are not over-flowing.

Durlston Castle

I haven't finished reading any of the books I recommended in the last post - not because they aren't superb but because I stocked up on some second hand bargains during my stay at home! I love charity shops and Swanage is stuffed with them, I found a hardback copy of Violin by Anne Rice that I haven't read - hadn't even heard of to be honest, although the character was touched on in the Prince Lestat. Looking forward to diving into that. Didn't get hold of her latest book but I'll ask for it for Christmas! The one that has really got me stuck though is Second Nature by Alice Hoffman - I love her stories they are pure magic realism that I would love to capture! I even found a box of books up at Durlston Castle which I practically emptied - there were super reads for my kids - one kid's rubbish is another kid's treasure!

So as for writing. I have several things pending with publishers and several rewrites going on but this summer it's my intention to finish my first fairy story. I've got about 12,000 words down but no ending as yet. In fact, I'm only just going into the adventure! I'm taking the kids to up to a tiny cottage in the forest where they'll run free and I'll be inspired to write, at least that's the plan. Wish me luck!