Thursday, 6 June 2019

Dribbles of Drabbles and a touch of the past in a very belated post.

Spring touched Greece and I was trying to get into the rhythm of Monty Python (Always look on the bright side...)!

Valentine's Day blew by me this year and I was feeling a little blue. Don't go imagining my my loved one had forgotten, we don't 'do' Valentine's as such (after all, love is for every day not just Valentine's). No, my sky-hued mood was down to my late submission of a few romantic horror drabbles I'd hoped would make it the Feb 14 deadline and as I'd heard nothing I was sure they hadn't been accepted. But I was wrong! 'Trembling With Fear' from the Horror Tree have accepted both drabbles I sent in their direction.

Thankfully, with spring comes rain and then come the flowers! All kinds of blossoms like new love blooming in glorious abundance until the petals fall and the raspy husk is all that's left. Does it fall or become fruit? Does the love die or survive?

All flowers have symbolic meanings. Take Forget Me Nots for example, those gorgeous little blue flowers that grow in little clumps. According to www.flower they are a symbol of 'true and undying love, rememberance during partings and after death, and a connection that lasts through time.'

Of course having a warped sense of perspective, I have turned the meaning on its head, in the first of the drabbles accepted, 'Forget Me Not' is a hundred words of poisoned love. You can read it on Trembling With Fear.

My second story, Make Do and Mend, goes back to that wartime saying that we must get by on what we have. My vintage-fan heroine Fran takes this a little bit too far will when she applies it to her relationships. Again you can read Make Do and Mend on Trembling With Fear.

What have I been reading?
Goodnight Mr Tom
and Cold Comfort Farm

What have I been cooking?

What have I been watching?
The Durrels