Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eternity and the End of the World

I live in a bubble far from the rest of the world, or so it seems most of the time. I sit and wait the eternal wait of any writer who's submitted work. Sometimes beautiful things will drop into my mail box. Others are ugly little critters that don't like the way I look but I grin and bear them whilst mumbling to myself that they don't know what they're missing! After much activity in the New Year, all is quiet and I'm looking inward and getting maudlin with all those niggling doubts. I saw an interview with Ray Bradbury voicing exactly the same sentiment - it's nice to know that even the greats had these moments!

I have so many stories that I work on at any time some blossom others stagnate then I find that jewel of imagery or that character or symbol and off we go again roller-coaster ride. Vanquish was one of these. The stock cubes were the jewel...

So here is one of the beautiful things: the cover of Girl at the End of the World Volume Two. I should have shared it when I first saw it but I was saving it... Thank you Fox Spirit!!


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