Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vanquish: to conquer or subdue; to be victorious over

The title sums the story up and says so many things about how it came into being. I work a lot from mental images and this was one of a great wall of fire, probably sparked by the numerous wild fires that occur in Greece during the summer months. I drew on teenage angst I had over a variety environmental issues that were and still are relevant (the issues not the angst!) and my eternal disgust at how senseless some things humans do are. (I do not claim to be a great activist by the way - I do what everyone can easily do!)
This was a tough story to write, I wanted to get just the right doses of rage and despair and hopelessness into the mix to make it potent. It has taken little over a year from its conception to coming to print and although it's the third story to see print it was the first accepted for publication, so it is rather special.
Want to read it?  Click here! for
Just as a post script; Fox Spirit has accepted another short story of mine, 'Tickets to Ride', for its Fox Pockets anthology 'Reflections'. Look out for this in the near future!

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