Saturday, 3 January 2015


It's that time! Teetering on the cusp between two years, I'm looking back at what has gone in 2014 and looking forward to what will become in 2015! And of course, the essential resolutions, which for a writer, are hopefully concrete goals.

2014 was fantastic! Although it wasn't the year of my first writing success it's the first year I consistently wrote and submitted stories and poems. This process was helped by the on line group inspired by Ray Bradbury's determination Write 1 Sub 1. Here I found a very supportive gathering of like-minded authors and writers of all levels of success. If you are a budding writer check them out! I never even made the Light Ray Winner! as I only had 7 pieces published since joining the group but I had 11 in total. (One short of the goal of one piece per month.)

The thing that surprised most of all was that all the poems I submitted were accepted! I have never really considered myself much of a poet but it seems others think differently. Three went to The Literary Hatchet alone! The other, "Bondage" a critical look at consumer society, (in case you dared not read that far) along with "Passerby" made it into the "Darker Times Collection" but are now only available on line. Of course, "Earthbound Angels Return" inspiring the cover of "Fever Dreams" was an honour! Thanks to Peter and Stephanie Bennett for that. Amongst the other stories I had published I had two competition winners. One in July with "Hot Air Ballooning" on which I found out about while on holiday and really made my week super! is 'a quirky Social network' where writers can post and discuss all the questions and queries in great company. And then there was "The Night Before" on The Noble Artist as Author of the Month for December, which made Christmas perfect! This was another discovery made via social networking - this time a discussion group on LinkIn.

One of the collaborations that crosses over the two years is that with Fox Spirit Books, an independent Publisher based in the UK. They really started the ball rolling when they accepted "Vanquish" for the "Girl at the End of the World" anthologies, published in May 2014. My piece on how I was influenced by cult TV was added to their blog in November and next year will see the publication of "Tickets to Ride" in the Fox Pockets anthology "Reflections". Not only that but I have reviewed several of their books and will be adding these to this site in the near future.

So to the future and those resolutions...

First and foremost is to find the time to write every day, not always an easy thing to do with day jobs and a family taking priority.
Second: I'd like to become at least a Light Ray Winner on Write 1 Sub 1 and get 12 pieces published this year. (A Ray Bradbury Winner is 52 - one per week - I can dream of this!)
Third: Sure, I'd love to have a whole book with my name on it! Will I venture into self publishing on the Web to do this? I don't know. I think you have to be real certain that what you write is in demand. Am I?
Fourth: I have a secret project I want to complete and if it comes to fruition you will read about it here soon enough!
Fifth: I'd like to write more about the writing process and the thoughts I have on it here in the blog - rather than just advertising! With that go the book reviews I mentioned earlier.

So after my first year of this writerly blog all that remains is to wish you a happy and inspired 2015!


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