Friday, 30 October 2015

Full Steam Ahead!

So many things to blog about today so let me start off small. You can read Jack Be Nimble a short Halloween themed horror story at today.

I am also guest blogging on fellow author, Rie Sheridan Rose's blog, about 'Core Craving' my story in the 'Hides the Dark Tower' anthology.

Then there is the wonderful news that Shark Nose, a horror story set in WWII, has come third in the Rambunctious Ramblings Publications horror contest and so will be published early in the New Year. Woo Hoo!

Finally, comes a book launch which all started off with a nice cup of tea at the first year anniversary party at the Scribblers' Den with one of those throw-away comments, "We could publish the stories in an anthology." I said and now here it is. Two months and a lot of tea, discussion and editing later, here it is!

Denizens of Steam is available through Smashwords and should have formats compatible with most e-readers. Best of all it is absolutely FREE as we want it to promote our work and the Scribblers' Den/Steampunk Empire Community. So get your copy and read and review it! We want to make noise all over the net!
Have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. You are busy! It is so much fun to have the Denizens of Steam published.