Sunday, 3 January 2016

The future is a blank slate...

Or is it?

I can see the future and it looks something like this:

1. I'll be writing and (hopefully) publishing more short stories/poetry/blog posts.
2. There is a book lurking in the wings tentatively wondering if it'll brave it out in public view.
3. I'll be hosting other writers on my blog this year. I'd like to say on a monthly basis but I cannot make promises like that just yet. (Although I do have a few surprises lined up!)
4. I intend to add reviews too - this will be tied in with my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge for this year. I've upped the stakes to 30 for this year from last years 26. I know what free time I have available!
5. I will be continuing the Write1 Sub1 Light Ray Challenge (1 story written and subbed per month rather than the formidable Ray Bradbury's weekly output) even if the blog sadly dispanded with the passing of 2015.

Enjoy the read!

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