Saturday, 4 June 2016

Win! Win! Win!

I have an electronic copy of Legendary Stories: What Went Wrong? , which includes my steampunk story 'Balancing Act', to give away! All you have to do to be the lucky winner is tell me a funny story (real or imaginary) about a time that something went wrong for you. Srictly one entry per person. Leave the tale in the comments below, along with your email address (prize cannot be awarded if you don't add this). State the format you prefer: epub, mobi Kindle or PDF. Comment before June 10th 2016 (Midnight 9/6/16 in Greece, is cut off time). The winner will be notified by email.

1 comment:

  1. This may be more a story of keeping something from going wrong, but hope you will find it amusing. Back in graduate school, I worked on an automated telescope before "automated telescopes" were really a common thing. All the commands were six-letters long. Sometimes six-letter commands can be pretty cryptic. However, my graduate advisor used to like to log in (often late at night) and see how the telescope was doing. Even if it was working, if he encountered a command he didn't know, he would sometimes try it out just to see what it did. Sometimes this would crash the telescope resulting in a late night phone call for me or the other student in the office to come fix the telescope. (My graduate advisor lived about 300 miles away in a different city!)

    So, my office mate and I hatched a plan. We created a command called "slfdst" (short for self destruct). It produced a little countdown on the screen and then the message: "Congratulations, you've just destroyed the telescope."

    We then merrily left it there. About three weeks later, I get a phone call at 11pm from my graduate advisor. "That's not very funny, Dave." And he hung up. I knew exactly what he'd tried to do, but he never called again after trying commands he didn't know!

    My email is dsummers[at]zianet[dot]com (just replace the bracketed words with the appropriate symbol!)