Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Clearing House

I've been stuck for so long that I really didn't do much writing. Fairy talk and forest visits have built ideas and inspiration but I've put little pen to paper, so to speak. My excuse? I couldn't see the wood for the trees! My laptop, my chief writing tool, 'is old and has no memory', to misquote Gary Oldman in Dracula. It keeps popping up little warnings and runs like sloth.

So, despite fear of the unknown, I've been forced to sort out my desk top. No big deal for you digital natives out there maybe, but I'm home-schooled in computing. My son (10) is a bit of a whizz at these things has helped me out with this. (Thanks Villy!) and I now have nice little folders for all my work and can see just what I have to do each day and what I have ahead. Now, I must have mentioned in the past, that I am an easily distracted person which means extreme organisation is the key to success for me. (Ask my family about my 'Book of Lists' and they will tell you how I plan expeditions like a sergeant major!)

But what does this mean for my writing? #1, I have rediscovered many half-written stories. How many? More than 30! #2 I've scrapped piles of rubbish and feel cleansed to Marie Kondo extremes. #3 I have a plan of action!  Guess what I'm going to be doing over the coming months? Finishing, honing, tweaking and submitting. I've already started - I've submitted 3 stories this week and I'm not even done clearing my desktop. Here's hoping acceptances arrive like Hogwarts letters.

I will keep you posted!

So what did you glean from this post? (Tick as appropriate boxes, more than one answer allowed.)
  1. I am disorganised.
  2. I did virtually no writing over the summer.
  3. My computer is old.
  4. I am overly optimistic.
  5. I am getting in the mood for back to school.

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