Sunday, 1 July 2018

REVIEW: Aunt Enid: Protector Extaodinaire


Manos, the gnome from my home.
I never really liked gnomes, but I'm looking at Manos in a whole different light these days, and I'm thinking of planting hydrangeas outside my door. Karen J. Carlisle and her latest book Aunt Enid: Protector Extaodinaire are to blame!

I've watched this book grow from the beginning when Karen J. Carlisle announced to the writers' group The Scribblers’ Den that she was writing something not Steampunk. Knowing her Steampunk fiction well, I was really looking forward to reading Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire. What do you know? I won a copy of the ebook in her Facebook book launch. (I would have bought it anyway so this was just an extra bonus!)

Aunt Enid is a feisty octogenarian with an uncanny ability at winning bingo, a garden full of gnomes and a freezer stuffed with scones. Kind of like anyone's favourite aunt really, except that Aunt Enid has a secret; she is protecting all of Australia and perhaps even the world. It isn't until the people around her start getting hurt that her secret is discovered by her niece Sally. Agnes, her bingo buddy, seems more interested in matchmaking than helping the cause. Will she survive her toughest battle yet and save the ones she loves? Ask Red the garden gnome, he knows.

Well I wasn't at all disappointed. Karen writes in a style that is suitable for all ages, her characters are engaging and lovable, there are enough clues to keep you wondering whodunnit and plenty of tension to make to turn the next page. I particularly love the references to Australia, even though I have never been, I feel I got a real taste of the country. I would like to see more of Aunt Enid. Grab a cuppa and snuggle up in a cool corner of the garden and get carried away on a fun adventure!

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  1. Wow. Thank you!
    Aunt Enid also went live on Amazon today.
    Paperback copies should be available there soon.