Saturday, 2 February 2019

It never snows but it pours...

(This was supposed to be a New Year post!)

It's been over five months since I posted here and there is many a reason for this. Most sincere is that I need time for my family. Needs must as the devil drives - and here in Greece the devil drives a very hard bargain these days, so I'm working long hours in my day jobs - thus what little free time I have goes to my babes (12, 13 & 40+), not writing.
Braced for worse to come.

Then it seems like everything is breaking: the cooker, the washing machine, my sewing machine, the toaster, my computer - bits are even falling off the house.

I've written virtually nothing.

Prices are rising. Taxes are impossible and wages are dropping as are hours of work. Even my phone company seems to be playing sneaky tricks.

And dribble of drabbles is all I've come up with.

Then there's the weather. Now I like a white Christmas as much as the next person but 2019 swung by and brought snow with thunder and lightning, then it started raining ice crystals - not sleet, but frozen rain! I was forced off my day job for a week. All fine and dandy, unless you're paid by the hour...

And did I write with all this free time?


Not even a word.

Not unless this blog post counts...

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  1. So true, Naomi!And don't forget the flu epidemic! Roll on spring....